Ministry Teams

Building & Grounds Ministry Team

The Building & Grounds Ministry Team is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the church building, interior, and grounds, including:

  • Supervising the custodian;
  • Procuring bids/estimates on major projects and coordinating projects with service companies;
  • Acting as liaison to all organizations for building access;
  • Advising and informing the Session of future improvement, repair, and space needs.

Christian Education Ministry Team

Not many ministry teams get to touch lives in our congregation at EVERY age in the way CE does.  The Christian Education Ministry Team’s responsibilities include:

  • Developing, planning, implementing, and supervising church school classes for children, youth, and adults;
  • Recruiting teachers for all classes;
  • Providing oversight and supervision for the Nursery/Child Care;
  • Overseeing the Youth Fellowship Group.

Congregational Care Ministry Team

There are few things more comforting in times of stress, hurt, or sorrow than a meal shared and a kind word spoken.  Thankfully, our Congregational Care Ministry Team has its collective finger on the pulse of the CHPC family: keeping the pastor “in the loop” about members’ special needs; checking in with ill or absent members; arranging for meals during an illness; sending “Care Cards” for celebrations; or letting a member know the congregation is with them through difficult times.

This is a team focused on the care and nurture of our church family!  Other responsibilities of the Congregational Care Ministry Team include:

  • Checking with shut-ins who wish to receive Home Communion;
  • Providing a “calling tree” via phone and email for communicating with the congregation;
  • Hosting receptions after memorial services, when requested.

Fellowship Ministry Team

We have one word for you:  POTLUCK.

The Fellowship Ministry Team is the outfit to hitch your star to if you enjoy the planning and implementing of church events that help us get to know each other:  Movie nights, dinner groups, trips, and, yes, that intersection of Fun and King Ranch Casserole, the Potluck supper.

Other responsibilities of the Fellowship Ministry Team include:

  • Oversight of the church kitchen;
  • Purchasing and inventory of supplies needed for fellowship gatherings;
  • Providing information about Fellowship events for the Newsletter.

Finance & Stewardship Ministry Team

The members of the Finance & Stewardship Ministry Team oversee the budget, providing monthly financial statements to the Session and preparing annually the proposed budget for Session approval.  This team also plans and conducts the annual Stewardship campaign.

This team oversees the overall financial well-being of the church, including:

  • Monitoring investment funds;
  • Determining Special Offerings to be collected throughout the year;
  • Reviewing and evaluating the church’s insurance needs.

Hispanic Fellowship Steering Committee

Responding to the transforming Kendall Whittier neighborhood, College Hill’s Hispanic Fellowship began in June 2007, and was formally recognized by the Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery in the fall of 2010.  The Hispanic Fellowship Steering Committee meets regularly to assess our Hispanic ministry efforts and report progress to the Presbytery.

Nominating Ministry Team

Participation on this ministry team, whose responsibility it is to find those interested in leading our church, is a blessing.  (Look around you.  Talk about an embarrassment of riches:  So many gifted, caring, devoted church members, and so few Session seats to fill each year!)

One other excellent thing about the Nominating Ministry Team?  Limited time commitment!  These responsibilities are typically performed during the summer and early fall:

  • Preparing and distributing Ruling Elder Nominating Forms;
  • Contacting potential nominees to determine willingness to serve;
  • Preparing and presenting a slate of nominees at the Fall Congregational meeting;

Preparing and presenting a slate of Nominating Ministry Team nominations.

Outreach & Mission Ministry Team

“Reach out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice.”  We say this in our mission statement.  The Outreach & Ministry Team keeps us honest, coordinating our social action programs, reviewing new opportunities for involvement, and advocating for mission programs within the CHPC budget.

College Hill’s long history of outreach in the Tulsa community continues with support for Kendall Whittier Inc. (KWI), United Campus Ministry (UCM) at TU, Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, and the Openarms Youth Project.  Participation on the Outreach & Ministry Team can also include:

  • Determining recipients for the “5th Sunday Offerings;”
  • Participating on the boards of partnering organizations, such as KWI, UCM, and Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry;
  • Overseeing the Fair Trade project.

Personnel Ministry Team

With a Pastor, Director of Music Ministry, Organist, and Office Administrator, College Hill boasts a small but talented staff of gifted professionals.  Have experience with Human Resources or organizational management? The Personnel Ministry Team could be the perfect group for you!

It is the task of the Personnel Ministry Team to provide support and feedback for our paid staff by:

  • Holding annual reviews of salaried staff;
  • Preparing annual salary recommendations;
  • Writing job descriptions;
  • Filling staff positions when vacant (other than pastoral staff).

Visioning Ministry Team

The members of the Visioning Ministry Team are tasked with seeing the bigger, broader picture of CHPC, where our ministry will go in the future, and how to get there.  Specifically, this team coordinates with other teams to assess progress in accomplishing the goals set out at the completion of the 2011 Visioning Study.

Visitor & New Member Nurture Ministry Team

The folks on this ministry team are the ones who make sure College Hill’s light isn’t hidden under a bushel, communicating news of the church to our own members and the community at large through traditional and social media.  This team also is responsible for making sure visitors are welcomed and contacted after attending.  Other responsibilities of the Evangelism & Communication Ministry Team include:

  • Providing for and overseeing all church growth programs;
  • Monitoring the eNewsletter, CHPC website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms;
  • Writing articles and press releases about CHPC events for local media.

Worship & Music Ministry Team

We see the handiwork of the Worship & Music Ministry Team every Sunday as they work with the Pastor and Director of Music Ministries to shape creative and compelling worship services…and their UNSEEN work in the details that make worship flow smoothly, as they prepare communion elements, arrange for and train liturgists, and make sure the musical instruments are in good working order.  In addition, the Worship & Music Ministry Team also is responsible for:

  • Providing for and overseeing all worship services and music programs at the church, including special services such as Ash Wednesday, Easter, Advent services, etc.;
  • Preparing the sanctuary for worship, and clearing/resetting the sanctuary following worship;
  • Arrange for pulpit supply in the pastor’s absence;
  • Ensuring the sound system is working properly, including hearing devices.