Outreach Opportunities

Reaching out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice

Social justice is a strong component of who we are as a congregation.  We are committed to perceiving where there is a need for kindness, reconciliation, and peacemaking within and outside of our congregation.  These are some of the Outreach projects with which we are officially involved, but our members are active individually in a number of helping agencies.  To find out how you can contribute your time and/or resources to these projects, contact the Moderator of our Outreach and Mission Ministry Team.

Emergency Infant Services (http://emergencyinfantservices.org/)

Just Hope (http://www.justhope.org/ )

Kendall Whittier, Inc (http://www.kendallwhittierinc.org/)

Open Arms Youth Project (http://www.openarmsproject.org/)

The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless (http://www.tulsadaycenter.org/)

United Campus Ministry (http://www.unitedcampusministry.org/)