Member Testimonials


Mark and Gay

“We feel extremely fortunate that College Hill is part of our life’s journey.  We have found this to be a place where intellect is not insulted.  It’s a place where personal beliefs are not compromised.  This is a safe place where souls are encouraged to grow.”


Tim and Jeff

“College Hill is many things to us.  We have felt welcomed and a part of a wonderful family since the very beginning.   College Hill is an “Oasis of Love,” that makes us want to give more of ourselves, so others can feel this.  Our church family has helped us to focus on the things we CAN accomplish individually, and as a community, showing Christ’s love.”


Ryan, Danielle and Aubrey

“At College Hill, we have found a vibrant and inclusive faith community that offers the values and diversity that we hope our daughter will grow up to embrace.”


Glen, Stefanie, Evie, and Anders 

“The College Hill congregation is like one, big, imperfect, quirky, loving family. From day one we have been embraced for who we are and loved unconditionally. We feel so blessed to be part of this community!”